The tower loomed high, flashes of nether energies crackling above and causing shadows to dance. The heels of the Knight’s boots scuff along the stone steps, the sound quieting only slightly as she enters the building. Her ears twitch as the guardian patrols in the lower foyer, mechanized limbs grinding as it propels along its path.

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Genarianna sighs at the Ethereal. “These are the only inks you have? I was told I could find a larger collection.” Her eyes roll skyward, shifting to glance at the mage as the other woman passes. The Sin’dorei’s eyes narrow slightly as she studies the human. “Pardon!” Genna calls out to the mage, plucking up

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I shall not acquiesce to irrational demands, cave to emotional manipulation, nor shall I bend the knee again. Fel-tinged eyes swept over the parchment, her lips curling to a satisfied smile as she tapped the end of the quill against the table. The hum of the Ethereal machinery seemed to grow louder as her concentration

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The Purge

I always found the city of Dalaran to be a most peaceful place. Enchanting, certainly, but its magic was unlike the harsh and foul magic that can be found outside its walls. It held a different kind of charm. It was that charm that brought me to this great city in the first place. I

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