Morning light peeks over the distant treetops, birds and beasts stirring in the warm, dry morning air. Quiet fills the area, save for the announcements made by rising creatures. Soot packs a small circle of stone near the pair of still-slumbering women, the fire having burned out hours prior. Immersa, lost deep within sleep, moves

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The kaldorei-style path wrapping around the large, pale tree is adorned with beautiful engravings of runes – something Enoku had done to remind her of the place she once called home. The druid kneels down, running a finger over one of the engravings in admiration before rising and continuing the hike to her tree-top home.

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Enoku blinks as she stares down at the Sin’dorei wrapped in her arms. She slowly slides her arm out from underneath her lover and watches as the blonde wiggles around to find new comfort. Rising from the bed and quietly moving to a nearby desk, she retrieves ink, quill, and parchment. The quill scratches over

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In The Stars

Char hunkers down in the sidecar of the Mechano-hog, eyes squinting behind poorly-fitting goggles and teeth clenched, the priestess clutching the small handrails which appear to be provided more for aesthetics. The bike roars onward, slowing as they approach a pair of individuals in the distance. Looking rather displeased as she climbs out, the priestess

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